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At PMS International we develop many products from concept to final manufacture, offering our trade customers bespoke packaging, display solutions and complete ranges. Our off the shelf range of brands and products offer eye-catching design work, great prices for you and a fast order turnaround. We supply a broad customer base including: Wholesalers, Sole Traders, Buying Groups, Amusement and Holiday Parks, Garden Centres, Charities and more.

Our highly experienced buyers have an unrivalled record of bringing new items from international markets to European consumers. We can do this quickly, partly thanks to joint ventures with factories that solely produce PMS products to the highest safety and quality standards.

We are equally at home creating exclusive products for third parties, licensing products to high-profile retailers, or developing brands - including the ones below. 

  Drinking Game PMS International 
Elves Behavin' Badly
PMS International has introduced their exclusive Elves Behavin’ Badly range all heavily branded in coordinated artwork. As well as Vinyl-Faced Dolls, PMS also offer a range of Plush Elves, Bendable Dolls, incredibly cute Baby Elves and an unrivalled range of Elf Accessories, to help the Elves go about their mischief making.
Hugglers Snap Bands
"I'm a Huggler, not a biter!" 
Hugglers snap band plush toys are cute and collectable. Available in a range of designs from cats and dogs to giraffes, pandas, unicorns and more! The miniature versions will easily wrap around your wrist while larger versions can give your arm a comforting hug. When not being worn, Hugglers will snap on to handlebars and pushchairs too.


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