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Express your Elf

Posted on Jul 28th, 2017

Christmas is a time for family tradition and coming together to celebrate in your own special way. 

Every household marks the days until Santa's big arrival differently but, with the arrival of our Elves Behavin' Badly range, the countdown to Christmas will never be the same again. The Elf phenomenon exploded in the UK last year, and looks set to be absolutely huge this festive season. - "I've been 40 years in the business, but I've never seen anything like it." said Paul Beverley, our Managing Director. 

It started in the USA, as many things festive do. The idea behind it is that parents create a little scene, incorporating the child's Elf, ready for them to wake up to in the morning. The children then leap out of bed in the morning, desperate to see what their Elf friends have been up to overnight. 

Of course, with Elves Behavin' Badly, this could mean spilt cereal, funny faces drawn on bananas, hanging upside down on the Christmas Tree - the possibilities are endless! 

"Your imagination creates the fun" added Paul, "It's a craze, but it's also an evergreen." 

The key characters in the range are Elfie and Elvie, who came out to play with their friends from December 1st, right the way up to Christmas Eve. They keep a close eye on the children's behaviour and report to back Santa on who's been good and who's been bad. Rudie the reindeer is the elves best friend who dutifully and tirelessly pulls their sleigh and takes them home to the North Pole. He needs to save his energy for the long trip back to Elfland so tries to avoid all the Elf mischief, despite the Elves doing their best to get him into trouble. The Elf Babies are adorably cute. Almost identical in appearance, they can only be told apart by the colour of their clothing - red, blue and pink. Enjoying their first Christmas, the Elf triplets are still trying to discover their magical powers. They love to play and sometimes need help getting out of tricky situations. They have a special talent for creeping into places they shouldn't. 

Families are encouraged to buy one for each child - and perhaps each adult too - and then everyone can share all their mischief by posting photos on social media. What started life as a bit of creative fun has now become a nationwide tradition and is as popular with adults as it is with children of all ages. 

Adults are using their Elves to create scenes that are...well...a little more risqué, and then posting them on social media. You need only look on Facebook and Twitter to see how popular they were last year and, as we gear up for Christmas 2017, we expect Elves Behavin' Badly to make an even bigger impact at retail. Paul predicts that December 2017 will be dominated by this craze: "It's fun, infectious and actually it's a lot more difficult than you may think to create an elaborate Elf scene, especially one that hasn't been constructed before." So we are inviting customers to upload pictures of their Elves Behavin' Badly so we can award prizes to the most originally constructed Elf scenarios. 

With very affordable price points, Elves Behavin' Badly are fantastic impulse purchases for retailers to offer customers. A whole range of accessories means families will be back for more as they add over-sized Christmas jumpers, Elf house stickers, Elf beds and even a post box to their collections. So watch out for the Elves Behavin' Badly and get your orders in early - you won't forgive your Elf if you miss out on this Christmas craze!

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