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We place emphasis on original and striking packaging


PMS products are known for their original and striking packaging which we design in-house to meet our customers’ requirements.

OfficeWith a team of seven designers in the UK, plus others based in the Far East, we can bring together the latest graphic design technology and 3D modelling with traditional cardboard prototypes.

This allows our buyers and designers to work together to establish the right look and feel for every range, as well as, to design bespoke packaging that meets our customers’ needs. As well as creating brands, our designers create the marketing materials we need to promote our products - including flyers, point of sale material, advertisements, direct mail enclosures and factsheets.

OfficeOfficeIn addition, we employ full-time, professional photographers to capture digital images of our rapidly changing and growing product range, allowing us to include exceptional shots in our catalogues, marketing and in-house image library.

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