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WarehousePMS International is the UK’s premier importer and distributor of high-volume products, with a range that includes soft toys, toys, novelties, Christmas decorations and housewares right through to gardening products, stationery, giftware and electronic gadgets.

Our operations span Europe and the Far East and we have developed some of the most technologically advanced warehousing, transport and quality control procedures in the industry.

We’ve shared highlights of each of these below.

Warehousing and Stockholding

Our warehouse facilities of 500,000 sq ft give us a peak stockholding capacity of 700,000 cartons, ensuring a huge choice is ready for immediate distribution.

Individual items are easy to locate thanks to our computerised stock control system, while bespoke goods-lifts and a 600-metre conveyor belt system help us to move cartons where they are needed - quickly and safely.

When cartons arrive at our distribution hub, our computer-controlled carousel labelling and sortation system automatically directs them to the correct destinations for loading. Cartons are again scanned as they are loaded and the whole process is closely recorded by highly effective CCTV cameras.

Customer Deliveries

TransportOur routing and scheduling software helps us to plan a highly efficient and much automated delivery schedule. And when our goods are out on the road, our electronic vehicle tracking system lets us know exactly where every carton is - ensuring the best possible efficiency.

This is also made possible thanks to our own delivery fleet of 32 vehicles. These allow us to deliver the majority of orders directly from our warehouse to our customers, without the need to arrange third-party couriers.

Container Arrivals

When containers of goods arrive at a UK port, we make our own dockside collections, allowing us to provide the most effective and speedy service possible.

Quality Control

OfficeEvery item we source or develop is checked to meet stringent safety requirements. We then check every shipment on arrival for conformity to all relevant consumer safety regulations.

Indeed, thanks to our worldwide network of offices and highly trained inspection staff, who are based close to the point of manufacture, we are able to spot quality issues before shipping.

Key Points

  • 500,000 sq ft
  • 700,000 cartons
  • 32 delivery vehicles
  • 5km gangways
  • 600m conveyors
  • Computerised labelling
  • In-house QC inspection

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